Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homeschool Non-Resolutions

My local homeschool association, "Homeschoolers Under God," (HUG) sent me this email this morning.  I thought it was encouraging enough to need re-posting here.


It’s January 14th, have you set up your resolutions, yet? Are you feeling guilty, yet?

Relax and give yourself a HUG. I found these non-resolutions on the web, and they seemed like a perfect cure for what ails all of us—especially at the beginning of a new year.

A Homeschool Mom's NON-Resolutions

1. I resolve to NOT try and make my children "perfect" homeschooling examples.

2. I resolve to NOT try and prove that I am a "perfect" homeschooling parent.

3. I resolve to NOT try and compare myself to every other homeschooling parent.

4. I resolve to NOT give up on expecting the best from myself.

5. I resolve to NOT give up on my students.

6. I resolve to NOT give up on my curriculum without giving it a serious try (2 weeks may not be a serious try - only you can determine what that is!)

7. I resolve to NOT get discouraged when I have bad days, but to call someone on the phone who may encourage me in some way (prayer, a cup of coffee, or just saying "it's okay"!).

8. I resolve to NOT forget to plug into a support group for my support and theirs!

9. I resolve to NOT forget that all Teachers get Teacher Work Days for a reason. You have control over yours. Take them!

10. I resolve to NOT make unbelievable and unacceptable New Year's Resolutions. ~from the "Homeschooler's Notebook"

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Hope you enjoyed these non-resolutions, and that your new year is off to a great start. Now, give yourself a another HUG and enjoy your day!

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