Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy Homeschool Day Two

"School Bell" by linder6580

Well, Day Two of homeschooling has come and gone.

There's no question that this is a huge success with Nathanael.  His schooling has been absolutely stress-free for both of us, and that's saying a lot.

Phillip is much more challenging, of course, but even so, I don't think it's any more stressful homeschooling him than it has been just trying to get him to do his homework at night. 

I wasn't home for much of the homeschooling today, unfortunately.  John was able to work from home, which freed me up to go to a doctor's appointment, and then to the hospital for an X-ray.  (I may have a stress fracture in my right foot, but I might not know for sure until Monday.  Can you believe that?  It's been hurting for a week, and it's getting swollen, and I hate to think of walking around on it for another few days waiting to find out if it's broken!  And the weird thing is, I have no idea what could have happened to cause it!)  Then tonight I went to Small Group.  John and I trade off weeks, since one of us has to stay home with the kids, and tonight it was my turn to go.  He said it was rough with Phillip tonight.  But like I said, it was often rough with homework from public school, too.

Anyway, I am still quite pleased with the homeschooling, and I think the children are settling in nicely.  I'm so pleased at being able to provide the kind of instant feedback the children need on their work, and to be so intimately involved in their schooling.

Oh, and there was a really neat time with Phillip today.  He was in goof-off mode, and I was starting to get mad and raise my voice as I told him to get to work.  But then the Holy Spirit reminded me of what He's been trying to teach me lately, and I called Phillip over.  I told him that he was wrong because he wasn't trying to be obedient, and that I was wrong because I was trying to use anger to control him.  Then I said I thought we should pray.  So he sat in my lap and I prayed for us both.

*(A similar event happened before, and I wrote about it here.)

Then he went to his work desk, sat down, stuck his fingers in his ears, screamed, and put his head down.

That's generally not a good sign.

I started praying for him where I was seated, and then the Lord nudged me to go sit next to him and pray for him.  I'm glad He did, because when I was next to Phillip, I realized that he wasn't just sitting in a withdrawn huddle, but he was actually praying silently!  I could see his lips moving and occasionally hear a whispered word.  And when he was finished praying, he went right to work.

I love knowing that he learned from my example and turned to the Lord for help!  That never would have happened at the public school!  Who would have provided that example for him?  Even if someone had wanted to, they wouldn't have been allowed to!

I love it!

But it's late now, and I'm tired.  It's 11:00 at night, and there's a load of laundry in the washer, and one in the dryer.  The kids and husband are in bed, and the sink is stacked full of dishes.  And I haven't done any of my BSF homework yet this week…

Thanks for dropping by, and for caring about our little family.  May God bless you and yours!


Avalon said...

That's wonderful, Betsy! You're a great Christian mom.

Laurie M. said...

Continued blessings to you Betsy. I think you've made a good decision. It's best your boys be developing their character, and learning self-control at home, with parental love and authority at the helm, and without all the competition and distraction of a busy school which they are not equipped to deal with - at least not at this point. You may decide never to send them back, or you may send them back later, but much better prepared for those challenges.

My daughter went out to school in fourth grade and thrived. It was great for her. I homeschooled my boy for kindergarten - completing K and 1st grade curricula in one year. I sent him to school for first grade and have regretted it ever since. I wish I'd spent at least two more years with him, teaching him self-discipline, quiet focus, and making sure he was a confident reader.

I promise you this: you will never regret the time you spend homeschooling, be it short or long.