Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Fledgling Homeschool's First Full Week

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Wow, it's been an amazing first flight!

Some days have been incredibly frustrating (with one near-total meltdown by Yours Truly), some have been so-so, and some have been pretty great!

But not one day has been unprecedented in its stresses.  I still find all of this to be easier than the stresses I faced when they were in public school.  Yes, even the meltdown day…I have had those before, though it had been a while.

No, no unprecedented stresses.  But the rewards?  I have never experienced their likeness before.

  • God has continued to give me that "whole new sense of purpose" that I mentioned on Day One.  For a long time I have wanted something that would help me drag myself away from the addictive computer screen every day, and homeschooling is the first thing compelling enough to do so.  I have not completely separated myself from blogs and feeds and so forth, but I'm doing a lot better.
  • I love putting years' worth of writing and editing practice to use on my own children's schoolwork!  I feel such a sense of tenderness when I get to share something I love so much.  Nathanael has always been too nervous and defensive to accept critiquing face-to-face, but it's easy to do it electronically.  He seems to find that totally non-threatening!  Such a joy today to hear him holler up the stairs, "I made those changes you suggested.  THANKS!!"
  • And of course, seeing Phillip spontaneously turning to prayer several times a day when he recognizes his need for help…what price tag can you put on that?

Yes, it's been hard work and sometimes very unpleasant, but no hard work I have ever done in my life has felt so rewarding, or so like a privilege

Thank You, Lord.

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Esthermay said...

I wish I had the words to describe my own emotions as I read this! Every bullet-point is a fresh reminder for me of our own homeschool journey! God is SO GOOD! Home education is God's design and my heart swells to hear how He is using such a talented woman to do His work with precious children!! Never give up! This is the most amazing thing we can do as moms. Your specific journey is most definitely a challenge -- the fact that prayer is already being sought by the student (!!) is . . . beautiful!